About the Author

Although this site is not intended to be about me (rather, it should be about God and your relationship with Him), I acknowledge that it can be helpful to understand the context of articles by knowing a little more about the author.  (See Understand the Source.)

As I write for this site, it is important for you to know that I have been a follower of Jesus for more than 35 years.  While some parts of the body of Christ are talented in music or reaching out to the disabled (both of which I admire), along with many other callings, I desire to see others grow deeper in their walk with God, both relationally and in knowledge.

I’ve been a member of First Christian Church, Canton, Ohio (USA) for more than 20 years, and cannot fully describe the support, encouragement, and investment that the members and staff of this church have provided to me over that time.  I certainly hope that I have contributed to them, as well, but the full extent of any of our actions will probably not be fully known until we get to Heaven.  (Even then, I suspect that we may be so overwhelmed with the glory of God that we might not have a lot of time for dwelling on how it was to live in this fallen world.)  Prior to that, I attended a non-denominational Christian church during college.  Growing up, my parents were early members of one church (of similar faith and practice), and then helped start another around the time that I was in junior high.

Also, in no particular order, I’ve had the following roles – most in the present, but some in the past.

  • First, I’m a sinner (always was, and still am), but one who has been saved by God’s mercy through His Son Jesus’ sacrifice, and is being sanctified at an irregular rate.
  • I was a child raised by two Christian parents who – in my evaluation – did a pretty good job of parenting, especially when I – and probably my siblings – didn’t always do a good job of being a good child.  Today, I’m a husband (20 years and counting) and a parent, myself.
  • At various times, I have had the privilege to serve in my church as an elder, a small group leader, a Bible study teacher, and a part of ministry teams.
  • Thanks in no small part to the invitation and support of others, I have been able to go on four short-term mission trips, to various parts of the world.  These influence my outlook on life, my prayer list, and probably some of my writing.
  • I graduated with a Mechanical Engineering degree from a state school (i.e., not an especially Christian college) in the midwestern United States.  Since then, I’ve worked as an engineer, a software developer, and a manager – sometimes all at the same time.
  • I’m admittedly not a home improvement expert, nor a mechanic (although owning things does require me to dabble in both).  I’m really more of a small project tinkerer – fixer of broken toys, small household items, and problems that require a little creativity.

So, that’s a little bit about me.  Let’s get back to learning about God, and Those Who Sin Differently from us.