Multi-Part Series

For those interested in a more in-depth review of certain topics.

Streamers from Roof at Museum Looking in the Wrong Direction, Part 1 - Is it possible that there are basic things that are true, but we just don't "get" them?
Streamers from Roof at Museum Looking in the Wrong Direction, Part 2 - There is sometimes just more than we can understand. This is where faith must fill in the gaps.
Walkway Wandering Off, Part 1 - When we stray off the path - whether because we're distracted or just rebellious - God loves us enough to guide us back.
Walkway Wandering Off, Part 2 - While "discipline" is a word that comes with a lot of baggage, let's take a closer look at what it should actually look like.
Assortment of Baby Utensils “Get Your Own Tape”, Part 1 - Those of us who have been Christians for a while need to reach a point where we can start to feed ourselves and foster our own Christian growth.
Assortment of Baby Utensils “Get Your Own Tape”, Part 2 - Just as with our physical bodies, our intake of spiritual food should increase over time to help us grow in a healthy manner.
Assortment of Baby Utensils “Get Your Own Tape”, Part 3 - While simple lessons and stories are good for those who are young (or new to faith), growth should result in our level of learning becoming deeper.
Close-Up of Maple Syrup Tap Understand the Source, Part 1 - When we study what others have written or said, we should understand where they are coming from, and be able to determine if they are telling us the truth.
Close-Up of Maple Syrup Tap Understand the Source, Part 2 - If we were to evaluate the background of Bible authors (before they encountered God), we'd find mixed results. It is only through the evidence of God's work in their lives that their testimony is completed.
Chandelier Corpus Christi, Part 1 - What does it mean that Jesus is the Head of the church (which itself is described as the Body of Christ)?
Chandelier Corpus Christi, Part 2 - If we are part of the body of Christ (the church), what is our role?
Chandelier Corpus Christi, Part 3 - Who is part of the body of Christ (the church), and once we know who belongs there, what should we do about it?
Evergreen Plant Answers from Habit, Part 1 - We are challenged to have an answer for what we hope in, but sometimes that can be a little intimidating.
Evergreen Plant Answers from Habit, Part 2 - Studying about the logic and facts behind our beliefs can be helpful to our faith, but it is not a tool to beat others up.
Here There Be Dragons, Part 1 - The creations and great creatures of God's design are a good reminder to appreciate His power and creativity.
Here There Be Dragons, Part 2 - Just as we can't fully appreciate the excitement of a movie ending without understanding the magnitude of the odds that the protagonists overcome, we can't fully appreciate salvation without understanding what we are saved from.
Landscape View What a Relief! (Part 1) - No matter our challenges, we can get through them with help. Trials in this world are always finite.
Landscape View What a Relief! (Part 2) - When we are weary and tired, may we remain faithful, but with a strength that exceeds our own abilities.
Crashing the Party, Part 1 - Sometimes, we are like wedding crashers, filling up at the buffet line, without actually knowing anyone there.
Crashing the Party, Part 2 - Even with a fantastic buffet of great things to enjoy in this world, there is an opportunity to receive even more.
Lionfish Lied to Every Day, Part 1 - It can be difficult to sort out truth from the noise in a crowded environment, full of those who willfully or unintentionally want to deceive us.
Lionfish Lied to Every Day, Part 2 - In a world full of contradictory information, how can we sort out the truth from the noise?
Non-Zero Sum, Part 1 - Sometimes, taking sides just causes evil to propagate. What would being a peacemaker look like, instead?
Non-Zero Sum, Part 2 - What if, instead of trying to figure out who is right or wrong, we strove to raise the raise the level of good in the world?
Non-Zero Sum, Part 3 - How does God administer justice for our sins, while still loving us?
Free In Deed, Part 1 - For those freed from the consequences of sin, do we live as free, or do we keep living as those under the law?
Free In Deed, Part 2 - For those of us who have been freed from the consequences of sin, do we live as free, or do we keep serving sin?
Too Many Cookies! (Part 1) - If you know the cure for a common ailment, do you keep it to yourself, or go out and help others get better?
Too Many Cookies! (Part 2) - Does being sick or hurt, and doing what it takes to get better, make you a morally superior person to someone who is still sick?
More than Meets the Eye, Part 1 - Would we rather "fit in", or become something brand-new and different?
More than Meets the Eye, Part 2 - Change can be difficult, but it is easier when we are becoming who we were meant to be.
Why Did God Let Sin Into the World?, Part 1 - As a dad, when my son asks me a question, I'm obliged to dig into the details, even if it will be challenging to do so.
Why Did God Let Sin Into the World?, Part 2 - Since we have the ability to exercise free will, why don't we make the choices that lead to good (both for us, and for others)?
Gankers and Newbs, Part 1 - Just like in other team activities, we must evaluate whether we are contributing to God's kingdom, or working against other believers.
Gankers and Newbs, Part 2 - Not every follower of Jesus is at the same place in their journey with Him. How can we find common ground and help others who are also on this path?
Downright Blurry, Part 1 - Nearsightedness can sometimes be fixed with glasses or contacts. Spiritual myopia requires a different treatment.
Downright Blurry, Part 2 - Farsightedness can sometimes be fixed with reading glasses or holding things far away to read them. The spiritual equivalent can't be solved quite the same way.
How Will We Be Judged?, Part 1 - What should be our attitude towards those who have not heard the message of Jesus?
How Will We Be Judged?, Part 2 - Before we concern ourselves with what God will do for those who haven't heard about Jesus, what will we do with the same information?
I Once Was Blind, Part 1 - What does it actually mean to see again when we have been spiritually blind?
I Once Was Blind, Part 2 - Is there more to spiritual understanding than just what we can learn by ourselves?
I’ve Fallen, and I Can’t Get Up, Part 1 - Regardless of our physical strength and dexterity, each of us has gotten into a situation that we can't get out of.
I’ve Fallen, and I Can’t Get Up, Part 2 - When we find ourselves in a situation that we can't fix ourselves, we are relieved when we see someone extend an outstretched hand to help us out.
To the Future! (Part 1) - Both failures and great accomplishments in our past can keep us from moving forward and doing important things in the future.
To the Future! (Part 2) - For followers of Jesus, the hope of the future doesn't start in Heaven, but with the opportunities of today.
You Can’t Make That With Those Ingredients, Part 1 - No matter how hard we might try, there are some things that can't be made without the right ingredients.
You Can’t Make That With Those Ingredients, Part 2 - Bakers and chefs know: the better the ingredients, the better food can be made from them.
Sometimes, the Real Question is the One We Don’t Ask, Part 1 - What happens when questions just lead to more questions, but never lead to any change?
Sometimes, the Real Question is the One We Don’t Ask, Part 2 - Have you ever thrown out a random question just to keep the conversation away from an uncomfortable (but perhaps important) topic?
No Revenge At All?, Part 1 - Would others notice if we treated our enemies like our friends?
No Revenge At All?, Part 2 - What should our reaction be when we are offended by others?
Hollow Arguments, Part 1 - Not every saying is worth repeating, and sometimes what sounds good is more style than substance.
Hollow Arguments, Part 2 - Just because something sounds nice, doesn't mean it is from the source of good.
Offer [Not] Only Valid for New Customers, Part 1 - Wouldn't it be great if we could all get the same deal, regardless of whether we were new or long-time customers?
Offer [Not] Only Valid for New Customers, Part 2 - Salvation is available to everyone who receives it.
Ornamental Cabbage Non-Believer, Part 1 - What would you say to someone who simply wouldn't believe you, despite evidence to the contrary?
Ornamental Cabbage Non-Believer, Part 2 - Why do some people not accept the truth, even when it is clear to others?
Ornamental Cabbage Non-Believer, Part 3 - Is it so difficult for us (and others) to accept that there may be more than just this limited world?
Starflowers Repentance vs. Redemption, Part 1  - Can repentance alone redeem us?
Starflowers Repentance vs. Redemption, Part 2 - If stopping our evil choices and repenting isn't enough to redeem us, what is?
Squarish Rocks and Trees Is This Why You Want to Stone Me?, Part 1 - When faced with threats based on His words, why did Jesus respond with a question about His actions?
Squarish Rocks and Trees Is This Why You Want to Stone Me?, Part 2 - When asked difficult questions about claims of truth, what impact do our actions have?
Candy Lego Shapes Rewards, Part 1 - What does the Bible say about followers of Jesus being rewarded for their actions?
Candy Lego Shapes Rewards, Part 2 - If the Bible says that we will be rewarded for our actions, how should that impact our motivation and our decisions?
When Our Ignorance is Behind Us, Part 1 - While many articles talk about knowledge, let's take a look at ignorance.
When Our Ignorance is Behind Us, Part 2 - What should we do when our ignorance about Jesus Christ has been dispelled, and we know the truth about Him?
Protecting God? (Part 1) - If a "god" isn't able to take care of itself, what kind of god is that?
Protecting God? (Part 2) - How might we be violating the very commands of God in order to make Him "look good"?
Answers to Friends, Part 1 - Some of the pivotal statements that Jesus made about Himself were actually made in small settings.
Answers to Friends, Part 2 - What can we learn from messages that Jesus shared with His friends in private, rather than to the crowds?
Be the Tree, Part 1 - Even the largest tree can have a weak root system hidden underground.
Be the Tree, Part 2 - Let's consider what it means for part of our role in the church to be keeping other members from becoming detached and spiritually starved.
Love and Obedience - How are love for Jesus and obedience to Him related?
The Love of God and His Family - What can the love among the persons of God teach us about love in our own lives?
Better Peace Than You Can Get Elsewhere - Are we afraid, feeling like we are on trial and about to be convicted, without anyone to represent us?
Understanding Without Endorsing, Part 1 - Does being spiritual or religious protect us from incorrect beliefs?
Understanding Without Endorsing, Part 2 - Do you really know why other people hold mistaken beliefs? Are you sure?
From Comprehension to Commitment, Part 1 - Let's take a look at the last recorded act of leadership by Joshua.
From Comprehension to Commitment, Part 2 - What can Joshua's leadership teach us?
Why Follow Anyone Else? (Part 1) - For those who are comfortable and secure in their faith, have we considered why others make different choices?
Why Follow Anyone Else? (Part 2) - When we consider why people follow other gods, what does the God of the Bible have to say about their reasons?
Finding Common Ground, Part 1 - What if our common ground upon which we can find peace with others is found in our weakness, not in our strengths?
Finding Common Ground, Part 2 - There is good news, once we realize that our sin is common ground that all of us share.
Who’s Getting Blessed?, Part 1 - Maybe whether or not we are blessed isn't measured the way that we thought it was.
Who’s Getting Blessed?, Part 2 - Let's consider how we can relate our behavior and our blessings.
Heart or Body?, Part 1 of 3 - Do you have conflict that seems to be stuck inside yourself (rather than being with others)? We all do!
Heart or Body?, Part 2 of 3 - How can we make sure that the "arbitrator" in our internal conflicts is making good decisions?
Heart or Body?, Part 3 of 3 - Since we each have internal conflicts, what should be our response to those whose struggles are different from our own?
“I’m King of the World”, Part 1 - Just saying something is true doesn't make it so. How do we tell the difference?
“I’m King of the World”, Part 2 - How else can we sort out what is true from what is false?
Sometimes, More Fixes Won’t Help, Part 1 - No matter how handy we are, there comes a time when another layer of duct tape isn't going to fix the problem.
Sometimes, More Fixes Won’t Help, Part 2 - What do we do when there's nothing that we can do to repair something important?
Quotes from the Pharisees: Are You Saying I’m Wrong? (Part 1) - How is it that we can sometimes have the most difficult time noticing when we are the one who is wrong?
Quotes from the Pharisees: Are You Saying I’m Wrong? (Part 2) - If we are fallible, how can we find the truth?
Quotes from the Pharisees: Nobody Believes That! (Part 1) - Is marginalization a new technique for excluding those who don't agree with the crowd?
Quotes from the Pharisees: Nobody Believes That! (Part 2) - In the Bible, there seems to be good precedent for taking the time to explain the truth, and to listen to others carefully.
What are You Committed To?, Part 1 - Do we sometimes expect to break the rules (even bad rules) and still get away with it?
What are You Committed To?, Part 2 - Resisting bad rules (to effect positive change) is one thing, but resisting good things has far worse consequences