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A Poster for Pastors

Just how great are the blessings that God offers to those who have chosen a path that took them far away from Him?

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God Can Take Care of Himself

While God works through His people, He really doesn't need us to avenge Him.

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Are We Ready to be Rescued?

Are you ready to be rescued from a bad situation, even if it means you might have to do something about it?

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From Comprehension to Commitment, Part 2

What can Joshua's leadership teach us?

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From Comprehension to Commitment, Part 1

Let's take a look at the last recorded act of leadership by Joshua.

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Not Needing to be Elected

Aren't you glad that Jesus didn't have to campaign in order to receive His authority and power?

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So, Which Commandments Do I Need to Follow?

Which parts of our life need to be given over to Jesus' lordship?

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If You Can’t Be a Good Friend, Be a Warning of What Not To Do

What can we learn about being a good friend, from some examples of not-so-great friends in the Bible? (Notes for a "remotely-taught" Sunday School lesson, June 7, 2020.)

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Why Did Jesus Have to Be Raised From the Dead?

Once we realize our sinful situation, the reason for Jesus' death to pay for our sins becomes clear. However, why is His subsequent resurrection so important?

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Reading the Bible Electronically

When we don't have a printed version of the Bible handy, today's technology offers us many alternatives.

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Bible Notes

What do all the little notes and formats mean when we read the Bible? Here's a quick overview.

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What Can We Ask For In Prayer?

We are invited to make requests of God. If one of those requests is for His wisdom, I believe that we can better align what we ask for with His will.

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Learning to Pray

Praying may seem challenging at first, but given time and practice - and maybe a little help - we can make it as natural as other skills that we don't even think about anymore.

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Don’t Take My Word for It – Look Around You

God sends out His message to us in many ways, if we choose to look without preconceptions.

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When to Pray

Although we can pray to God at any time, sometimes it is helpful to have a few specific situations to start with.

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Choosing a Devotional

Reading the Bible is fresh and filling just as it is. If you would like to read it along with insights and teachings from others, though, here are a few suggestions to help you select a devotional.