Sunday School Lessons

What Else Is There?

After giving up a life of selfishness and pride for new life through Jesus, have we planned for what we will do next?


Driving Down Demand vs. Cutting Off the Supply

Is it possible that trying to stop something we don't like would be easier if we helped prevent it in the first place?


Maybe They Aren’t Out to Get You

How can we be free from fear, both fear of things in this world, and fear of what could happen in the next?


Counting Up or Counting Down?

Can we actively look forward to growing older when we are grown up, just as much as we did when we were young?


More Important Than Life?

In a world where every week brings a new medical study, are there things that are more important than only staying alive one more day?


“Get a Life”

In our walk on earth, there are not only ways that we can "get a life", but also still better ways to really start living.

Blue Hiking Sign

Last One Out

While we may miss our departed loved ones, those who follow Jesus will actually get a head-start on being with Him.

Stream and Trees

How Amazing Is Grace?

Grace is amazing because it restores us when we were lost and blind. But it is even more amazing that it brings us from death to life.