Salvation Is an Amazing Thing

Are there any "minimum holiness requirements" to accept God's salvation and new life in Jesus Christ?



Sometimes, our family name needs to be front and center, with our own identity set off to the side.

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A Poster for Pastors

Just how great are the blessings that God offers to those who have chosen a path that took them far away from Him?

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In a Distant Land by Choice

The story of the Prodigal Son has a happy ending, but what if the son never chose to return home?


Maybe They Aren’t Out to Get You

How can we be free from fear, both fear of things in this world, and fear of what could happen in the next?


I Deserve This!

If God mercifully paid for the consequences of our sins, how should we respond to that grace?

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Grand Entrance

What if we could be recognized with a grand entrance into somewhere better than any place on earth?


Scared to Walk In?

Are you ever scared to talk with God, afraid that He is just waiting for you to start talking so that He can punish you?


Jesus’ Ministry to the Rich and Powerful

We know that Jesus reached out to those who were sick and hungry. What about those who were wealthy or powerful?


The Right Thing When We Do the Wrong Thing

Only God could find a solution to the no-win situation that we were faced with when we chose to break the rules.

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Couldn’t I Not Love Just a Few of My Brothers?

While some people make it simple to show God's love to them, we are called to love and do good for everyone.