Sunday School Lessons

Tired of Being Asked to Do the Same Thing?

What do we do when we are called to the same thing as yesterday, and haven't seen any results?


Waiting Takes Work

If you have a tough time waiting for things, you're not alone...but there are ways to help us with certain kinds of waiting.


You Are Not an Abandoned Project

Ever feel like you're a building project where the owner ran out of money partway through?


From Fisherman to Exile

Would you watch a movie where the lead starts out successful and ends up exiled and in trouble with the government?


Detasselling Humor

Just because a comedian announces that he's about to tell a funny joke, that doesn't necessarily make it funny.


Watching Grace Grow

Let's be honest: Waiting isn't very fun. However, a lot can happen over time, if we are patient (and, even if we aren't).


Knowing What Not to Do

Sometimes, the wisest thing to do is to let the wrong opportunity pass by, and wait on God's timing.

Playground and Gazebo

Listen Through

There are a lot of glitches, distractions, and excuses that can cause us to stop listening. What lies in store for us, though, if we power through and keep listening?