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Trust Fall

When I think about listening to God, one of the things I sometimes fear is that He might call me to do something.

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Sweet Hour of Prayer

Although the old hymn, "Sweet Hour of Prayer", probably wasn't talking about a literal hour, we can still give God some of our undivided attention in prayer.

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Take the Step

Not every opportunity demands our action, but many of them give us chances to make a difference.

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Four-Loaf Cleaver

When we are tempted to sin, even by learning what sin is, we can't just drive out bad thoughts. Something else needs to take their place.

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Forget Valentine’s Day – How About Loving Our Neighbors?

OK, so I'm not trying to get you in trouble with anyone, but love is something we should show - to many different people in our lives - every day.

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Remembering at the Right Time

Even though God is with us all of the time, we sometimes need a reminder (or to remind someone else) of this fact.

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Why Can We Pray to God?

Talking to the Creator of the universe is a pretty big deal, and it is only possible because He reached out to allow it to happen.

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Actual Daily Bread

What if our "daily bread" wasn't just something we talked about, but literal bread - of which we only had one days' supply?

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The Bereans

Tucked away in the book of Acts is a testimony to some people who heard the good news about Jesus, and neither dismissed it out of hand, nor accepted what they were told without question.