Sunday School Lessons

Feeling Like an Outcast?

What does Jesus choice of disciples and dinner guests have to say to those of us who don't feel likely to be invited to become either of those things?


Not Sitting at the Cool Kids Table

New situations can be a little scary, but we can take on that fear for a better cause, and maybe help others get through their own obstacles to joining in.

Board Game on Carpet

The Whole Deck

Sometimes, I think that great things aren't accomplished for God because the body of Christ acts in a manner that is too "diffused".


Just a Reminder

Sometimes, being told the same thing more than once isn't an insult to our intelligence; it's a valuable reminder, instead.

LEGO Birthday Cake

Having a Party

In God's Kingdom, celebration doesn't have to wait for Heaven, and everyone is invited.


Grace, Love, and Fellowship

What if fancy introductions and conclusions in books of the Bible weren't just cultural niceties, but instead were opportunities to be blessed?


Walled Garden 

It may be nice to spend time in a nice garden, but we're being selfish if we never leave and invite others to join us.



In our busy lives, there is a secret (albeit not a well-hidden one) to finding the strength that we need to get through another week.

Button Collection Display from Werther Museum

Everything in Common

The church wasn't meant to be a place that we just go to be spiritually fed. The early church was an example of sharing, in very practical ways.