Stone Wall

Tower Defense

We may sometimes feel that we're in a Tower Defense game, marching along a path as others attack us. Whatever the perils, though, we can find a defender in God.

Odometer at 77777 Miles


Rather than seeking out the "lesser of two evils", Paul the apostle was conflicted by having two excellent alternatives.

Resting Insect

Be Nice!

Walking to a new room has been shown to make us forget. But, with a little practice, we can prepare to treat people in the next room the way Jesus did, with humility and consideration.

Painted Ceramic Egg

Are We “Martha-ing” and Don’t Know It?

The example of Jesus' priorities when he visited some friends can teach us a few things, too.

Zip Line

Grace, Faith, Works

While our good deeds aren't good enough to make us right before a holy God, once we appreciate the magnitude of His grace, mercy, and love, we still have a part to play.


How Will They Figure It Out?

If we are looking for others to step up and act better, maybe we must first demonstrate to them the right kind of behavior.

View of Tree and House from Playhouse

What’s Not In It For Me?

Being part of a group of like-minded believers has a lot of advantages for us, but what does the rest of the world get out of it?

Grand Canyon

Greater Than

The simple math of inequalities can help us remember to praise God for His greatness...especially as compared to our lack of greatness.

Arid Plants

Give What You’ve Got

The call for us each to contribute to the church (the body of Christ) isn't just a suggestion. The rest of the body needs each of us, from the smallest to the greatest.

Cracker Jack Toys from Museum Exhibit
Sermon Study Guides

But everything in my schedule is really important!

Here are a couple of possible techniques to help us trim events from our schedule - no matter how full it may seem.

Red Fireworks Pattern

You’re a What?

How can we explain to others what we believe, when the very name for our belief can stir up so much emotion?

Plastic Outdoor Constructs

Change Your Perspective 

Sometimes, we can grow so used to our own point of view, that we have trouble connecting with those having different backgrounds and context, if we don't take time to listen.