Looking Good Isn’t the Same as Living for Good

Do you ever get stuck in a relationship with God where your walk has been reduced to just trying to follow a bunch of extra rules?



What would our daily dialogue and shared activities with others look like if we shared what was really on our hearts?



I don't think that God is embarrassed of us when we look less than our best. May we not be embarrassed about Him.


Putting On a Good Face

Where is it written that Christians should artificially look or act a certain way to make it look like being a Christian is always great?

Painted Ceramic Egg

Are We “Martha-ing” and Don’t Know It?

The example of Jesus' priorities when he visited some friends can teach us a few things, too.

Detail of Stone Wall

Nothing to Prove

As followers of Jesus, we should seek to live according to His example, but we have nothing to prove to those whose expectations of Christians are incorrect.