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Listen Through

There are a lot of glitches, distractions, and excuses that can cause us to stop listening. What lies in store for us, though, if we power through and keep listening?

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Jesus is Lord,…but what does that mean?

When we refer to Jesus as "Lord", what does that actually mean?

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Two Tips on How to Worship God

Being in a church's "worship service" can be a little overwhelming and awkward if we get distracted by those around us. If we focus on God - the object of our worship - maybe we can more easily praise Him.


Go Away!

Since Jesus made time for those who weren't like Him, or - according to others - just didn't fit in at the time, let us do the same thing.

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Understand the Source, Part 2

If we were to evaluate the background of Bible authors (before they encountered God), we'd find mixed results. It is only through the evidence of God's work in their lives that their testimony is completed.

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Understand the Source, Part 1

When we study what others have written or said, we should understand where they are coming from, and be able to determine if they are telling us the truth.

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Learning to Pray

Praying may seem challenging at first, but given time and practice - and maybe a little help - we can make it as natural as other skills that we don't even think about anymore.

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Don’t Take My Word for It – Look Around You

God sends out His message to us in many ways, if we choose to look without preconceptions.

Scanned Newspaper Clipping of 1908 Welshimer Class at First Christian Church of Canton Ohio

What Do You Call…

Sometimes, in countries with religious freedom, I think that we make things harder than they need to be. What do those who are persecuted for their faith - and the example of the early church - have to teach us?

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Peace and Quiet

The first step to having peace is not necessarily to find "quiet".

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Just as we can't see certain details under filtered light, our understanding of the world around us is a function of the light that we use to illuminate it.

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The Most Excellent Ministry of Knowing When to Keep Our Mouths Shut

Sometimes one more word will ruin the moment, and we need to practice appropriately-timed silence, along with an extra share of listening.

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When to Pray

Although we can pray to God at any time, sometimes it is helpful to have a few specific situations to start with.