Sunday School Lessons

Why Debate Eternal Security?  

Rather than debate the theological concept of eternal security, let's back up and consider why we want to understand it

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Do We Want to Understand and Share?

It's possible to be taught without learning, and to learn without teaching, but should we do either of those things?

Sunday School Lessons

Leading vs. Dragging

Out of love for others, are there ways to lead them to the right conclusion about the harm that their choices are doing, rather than just a lecture?

Sunday School Lessons

How Many Can Hear?

We may have studied what Jesus taught, but let's look at how He taught it, too.

Sunday School Lessons

It’s OK to Ask

Sometimes, it's better to set our authority aside and just ask someone to do the right thing.

Sunday School Lessons

Always in Training

Do you know of people (or have you been one of them) who have gotten out of shape during the pandemic?  I know that some people used that opportunity to get out and go for walks, or to spend time at home exercising, but the "COVID 15" is a real thing for others.  (For readers… Continue reading Always in Training

Sunday School Lessons

From One Generation to Another

What can keep a generation from being at least as faithful as its predecessors?


How Do We Pray for Them?

We may already know that we should pray for those in authority. How - and what - do we actually pray for them, though?


How Good Do Your Words Taste?

What can help us make good use of conversations with other people?


Understanding Without Endorsing, Part 2

Do you really know why other people hold mistaken beliefs? Are you sure?


No New Normal

What if the great moments of life happen in times of change, which God has prepared for through His people's faithfulness during the times of "normalcy"?


Those Who Sin Differently…now in print!

A volume of devotions from this site has been published in two additional formats.


Ummm…Also Stephanas

Maybe some of the things in the church that we think are a big deal, aren't actually as important as we thought.


Settling for Less

If there was more that could be done to live a full and effective life, would we want to know about it?


Leaving Your Kids 

How does a parent or mature Christian help someone else to grow and become ready for independence?


We Have Enough of Those

Sometimes, we require a deep breath before we engage with yet another person with traits similar to the last dozen that we've met.


Gankers and Newbs, Part 2

Not every follower of Jesus is at the same place in their journey with Him. How can we find common ground and help others who are also on this path?