Bonus Evidence!

The book of Hebrews points out an interesting type of evidence for the truth of Jesus' salvation - one that we might not have thought of.


Worker Productivity

If "work expands to the time allotted", how can we be most productive for what really matters?


Living Up to Our Calling

It can be intimidating to think about living up to God's calling, but He is with us along the way.



We each may have wished that we were in charge of things, but maybe that role isn't really what we should aspire to.


Notes vs. Music

As an audiophile can tell you, a computer playing notes from a score doesn't replicate the beauty of a gifted orchestra performance.

View of Building

Is Anyone Home?

Would you let a phone keep ringing if you knew that a friend on the other end of the line needed something from you?


We Have Enough of Those

Sometimes, we require a deep breath before we engage with yet another person with traits similar to the last dozen that we've met.


Not Like the Others

Yes, none of us is just like the next person. However, the goal for each of us is fulfilling our individual purpose, not boring uniformity.


Subatomic Physics

If God can use an amount of money so small that we named a class of subatomic particles after it, He can use what we have to offer for His purposes.

Orange Lizard

You Can Have Superpowers

Even if we can't jump tall buildings in a single bound, God provides supernatural gifts - manifestations of His own power - to those who follow Him.


Corpus Christi, Part 2

If we are part of the body of Christ (the church), what is our role?

Orange Fungi

Not Fungible 

The fact that you were created uniquely means that your exact role in life can't be replaced by anyone else.

Arid Plants

Give What You’ve Got

The call for us each to contribute to the church (the body of Christ) isn't just a suggestion. The rest of the body needs each of us, from the smallest to the greatest.