Sunday School Lessons

Could Someone Else Vouch For Your Faith?

If someone were to describe you, would they be able to make the case that you love God and love others?

Sunday School Lessons

Sometimes, You Need to Be the Exception

Just because those before or after you are a mess, doesn't mean that you have to be the same way.


They Will Find You, but Don’t Worry About It

Those who seek to confront, argue with. and disagrees with us can come from anywhere, but this is not a new problem.

Gazebo Reflection in Puddle

Reflecting Jesus

While we don't dare let the image quality suffer, sometimes a reflection of a reflection is still pretty good.

Plants in Arid Environment

No Evidence

What would it look like if we removed all evidence of wrongdoing in our lives, not by covering it up, but by doing the right thing in the first place?


Tootsie Roll Ministry

When should we take a little bit from the last "batch" of experiences and re-use it, and when should we throw out rotten dough?

View of Building

Is Anyone Home?

Would you let a phone keep ringing if you knew that a friend on the other end of the line needed something from you?


Here to Serve

If being Jesus' disciple means following His example, what does that look like in our interactions with others?



Since we represent Jesus (even though God continues to be directly active around us), what kind of a representative are we?


Matching the Message to the Man (or Woman)

If we learn something good from someone who does something bad, does that invalidate the message?


Non-Zero Sum, Part 2

What if, instead of trying to figure out who is right or wrong, we strove to raise the raise the level of good in the world?

Walkway Along Lake

The Power of Choice

Sometimes, the difference in the paths our lives take depends on a choice that we make at a key time. The good news is that the most important choice remains open for us to seize, even if we previously made the wrong decision.

Sun Shining Through Tree Branches

Trying to See Jesus

When Jesus was on earth, many people wanted to see him. Removed from His time on earth by several centuries, what can we see (or show) of Him, today?

Evergreen Plant

Always? Never?

Sure, we know we should do a better job of not complaining or being selfish, but could we get rid of those habits completely?


How Will They Figure It Out?

If we are looking for others to step up and act better, maybe we must first demonstrate to them the right kind of behavior.