Small Waterfalls


Do we sometimes enter into conversations ready for combat, when others actually need to see us as someone who can help show them the way to be rescued?

Tree at Manatee Park

Do You Read the Bible, or Study It?

The Bible is a great book, whether we read it spontaneously, or study it carefully. I encourage you to mix some of both practices into your Bible-reading.

Colorful Rocks


In the book of Philippians, a delivery person is a hero. Who knows - we may be called to carry good things to others in Jesus' name, as well.

Rock Overlook

Free Wisdom!

There aren't many free things in life - and some we wouldn't take if they were free. However, God's wisdom is available for the taking. Will we accept it?

Message Lights from Apollo 8 Launch Room Reconstruction


Just as there is a point in the countdown of a rocket launch when the takeoff is imminent, God makes a commitment to those who accept Jesus, even before we receive our eternal reward.

Three Pigeons

Those Guys

Let us make the furthering of the Kingdom of God a celebration (no matter who is introducing people to Jesus), and not a competition.

Chocolate Dessert

Bites vs. Meals

Although many verses of the Bible are valuable on their own, sometimes we need to read and study more of the Bible at a time.

Battery-Operated Candle

Don’t Give Up

If other people can't help but listen to us if we are persistent enough, how much more will a God who loves us hear our requests?

Space Flight Plan


When we think that we know it all, we are deceiving ourselves, and miss out on a chance for God to teach us.

Orange Fungi

Not Fungible 

The fact that you were created uniquely means that your exact role in life can't be replaced by anyone else.


What Are You Planting?

Although the results don't always happen right away, if we live according to God's direction, we can expect positive results eventually.

View of Flower and Sun


No matter how we psych ourselves up, we can only be assured of success if we somehow know that we're on the team that will win in the end.