Wild Berry Bunches - Probably Poisonous

The Gutter Plant

There are obstacles in the world that prevent us from living as we should, but sometimes we are the ones who are cultivating weeds that need to be pulled out.

Wood Grain Close-Up from Plaground

Filling in the Gaps

Sometimes, we find ourselves at a loss for words, or feeling unworthy to talk with a Holy God. He knew that this would happen, and personally intervenes to help us out in those times.

Metal Stairs Going Down
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Growing One Step at a Time

Trying to reach God's ideal overnight can be so overwhelming that we don't even start. With God's help, can we start by doing just a little better this week?

Birds on Ice-Coated Tree

(Almost) Everybody Will Let You Down

Maybe if we start our day off with the expectation that everyone else is imperfect - just like us - we'll make things easier for both them and us.

Mixed Flowers
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Choosing a Devotional

Reading the Bible is fresh and filling just as it is. If you would like to read it along with insights and teachings from others, though, here are a few suggestions to help you select a devotional.


3D Camera vs. Psalm 66:4

Just because God and His creation are greater than we can capture in pictures or describe in words doesn't mean that we shouldn't keep trying.

Button Collection Display from Werther Museum

Everything in Common

The church wasn't meant to be a place that we just go to be spiritually fed. The early church was an example of sharing, in very practical ways.

Begonias in Multiple Colors
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Praying with Others

Talking with God is often a private matter. However, sometimes it is appropriate to pray with others, also.

Sea Lions on Buoy

I Can’t Do It!

As challenging as our individual weaknesses may be against specific temptations, we are not alone in this struggle.

Assortment of Baby Utensils

“Get Your Own Tape”, Part 3

While simple lessons and stories are good for those who are young (or new to faith), growth should result in our level of learning becoming deeper.

Assortment of Baby Utensils

“Get Your Own Tape”, Part 2

Just as with our physical bodies, our intake of spiritual food should increase over time to help us grow in a healthy manner.

Assortment of Baby Utensils

“Get Your Own Tape”, Part 1

Those of us who have been Christians for a while need to reach a point where we can start to feed ourselves and foster our own Christian growth.

Old PC Card

A Few Pixels

In their various forms, distractions are all around us. So, how can we spend "quiet time" with God?