Finding Common Ground, Part 1

What if our common ground upon which we can find peace with others is found in our weakness, not in our strengths?


Like Fighting One Problem at a Time

What can you do when you wake up and your problems outnumber your abilities?


Faces on a Passing Train

With experience, we find that both the good times and the bad times come and go. What do we do during the bad times, though?


Battle Ready

Regardless of what its enemies throw at it, the body of Jesus Christ - the collection of His followers on earth - is destined to win the battle.

Birds on Ice-Coated Tree

(Almost) Everybody Will Let You Down

Maybe if we start our day off with the expectation that everyone else is imperfect - just like us - we'll make things easier for both them and us.

Sea Lions on Buoy

I Can’t Do It!

As challenging as our individual weaknesses may be against specific temptations, we are not alone in this struggle.