Sunday School Lessons

If You Can’t Be a Good Friend, Be a Warning of What Not To Do

What can we learn about being a good friend, from some examples of not-so-great friends in the Bible? (Notes for a "remotely-taught" Sunday School lesson, June 7, 2020.)


Bad Interview Questions

Sometimes, the truthful answer to a bad interview question would reveal something that we don't want to share.


It’s Bad for You

If I want to eat junk food (or the spiritual equivalent), what does it really matter?


Back in the Game

We may know how to get well after an injury, but what do we do once we get better?

View of Building

Is Anyone Home?

Would you let a phone keep ringing if you knew that a friend on the other end of the line needed something from you?


It’s Not a Contest

If one person is being harmed by sin's effects more than another, which one is more in need of healing from Jesus?


Starting Out In the Wilderness 

The times of life when it seems we are in the wasteland can be difficult, but they can also provide a chance to step into something better.


Faces on a Passing Train

With experience, we find that both the good times and the bad times come and go. What do we do during the bad times, though?


Truth in Advertising

The truth about following Jesus doesn't need our help to sugar-coat it. While our message must be presented in a relevant way, the world needs to see the whole picture.