About This Site

Have you ever learned something, or just put two and two together, and had to tell someone?  If so, hopefully you have a good friend who will listen and celebrate with you…even if what you just learned was pretty obvious to everyone else!

This site is my outlet, my means of getting ideas out of my head and into something documented.  I pray that you will also find these thoughts insightful, and share with me what you learn, or other constructive thoughts on these topics.

I’ve tried to ground what you read here in Scripture, rather than just my own opinions, but the Bible’s messages must always be given precedence.  Be like the people from the ancient town of Berea recorded in Acts 17:10-12.  They neither dismissed the teaching of Paul and Silas, nor accepted it without doing some investigation.  Instead, they studied the existing Scriptures, in which they already had confidence, to see if the new message that they were hearing was consistent.  Truth must be consistent with the reality it describes, even if the correlation between the two takes some work to understand.

If you don’t learn from this site, that’s ok, too.  I don’t claim to be the first to write about many of these things, nor to know more than anyone else about them.  Know that I was at least able to get back to sleep, though, after getting these ideas written down.

M. Dennis


For more about me, I invite you to read My Testimony, as well.  I’ve also captured some Links to a few of the others whose ministry has influenced me.