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Sermon Study Guides

Getting Our Attention

God has the means to get your attention without your consent, but it's much easier to choose to listen to Him.

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Mt. Rushmore

Following Jesus is rewarding, but it is not without a cost. Let us continue our investment with dedication and perseverance.

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Use the Whole Road

The path to life is narrow, and Jesus is the only way. However, upon accepting Him, we have great freedom and liberty to love and to serve both God and others.

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You Must Choose

We make decisions - large and small - every day. Is our faith strong enough to make the right decisions when it is difficult, but also most important?

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Don’t Just Do Something…Sit There!

While the right thing is always the right thing, sometimes we need to listen a little to be sure we're following the right plan.

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Other Study Guides

What Can We Ask For In Prayer?

We are invited to make requests of God. If one of those requests is for His wisdom, I believe that we can better align what we ask for with His will.


Help My Unbelief

If you struggle with feeling that your faith, actions, or spirituality aren't good enough, you're not alone. Rather than relying on our own limited abilities, let's be willing to ask for help.

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Trying to See Jesus

When Jesus was on earth, many people wanted to see him. Removed from His time on earth by several centuries, what can we see (or show) of Him, today?

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Always? Never?

Sure, we know we should do a better job of not complaining or being selfish, but could we get rid of those habits completely?

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[The] Word with Friends

If we eat more when we're out with friends, would we learn more if we studied the Bible with them?


Corpus Christi, Part 3

Who is part of the body of Christ (the church), and once we know who belongs there, what should we do about it?


Corpus Christi, Part 2

If we are part of the body of Christ (the church), what is our role?


Corpus Christi, Part 1

What does it mean that Jesus is the Head of the church (which itself is described as the Body of Christ)?