Does Your God Pay Attention?

Can the things, persons, or entities in whom we put our trust deliver salvation for us when we're in an otherwise-hopeless situation?


Heart or Body?, Part 2 of 3

How can we make sure that the "arbitrator" in our internal conflicts is making good decisions?


Where’s the Payoff, Here?

What value is there in spreading around important news if no one takes action as a result?

Railroad Bridge

Life on Rails

Is real life entirely "open-world", or are we kind of on rails?

Sunday School Lessons

Opportunities to Do Good

God gives us the choice to do righteous or selfish things. Do we offer the same choice to others?


The Real Thing

Sometimes, we don't recognize that we're settling for less, until we try out the genuine article.


Missing the Problem While Disagreeing on the Solution, Part 2

How do we deal those who are solving important problems differently than we would?


Missing the Problem While Disagreeing on the Solution, Part 1

Is it possible that we miss the problem because we disagree with others' solutions?


Wasting Our Time

It's one thing to be stuck without something to pass the time. Are there cases where we're busy doing something that looks productive, but is actually pointless?


Giving Something Up

Does choosing to follow Jesus mean just giving up a little of our "extra" in the offering plate, or something more?


Not Free, But Worth It

Most decisions in life result in a tradeoff - a cost vs. benefit choice. Some paths yield a lot better results than others, though.


Tactical Analysis

Wouldn't it be great to have a heads-up display of exactly what we needed to know in a challenging situation?

Walkway Along Lake

The Power of Choice

Sometimes, the difference in the paths our lives take depends on a choice that we make at a key time. The good news is that the most important choice remains open for us to seize, even if we previously made the wrong decision.



In our busy lives, there is a secret (albeit not a well-hidden one) to finding the strength that we need to get through another week.

Rockets on Display at NASA Kennedy Space Center

What Are We Trying to Win?

Life is not a game, but we need to make choices with an eye to succeeding in the "end-game", and towards getting to the outcome that we want.

View of Building

I Don’t Wanna!

When we reach the end of our own strength, we can quit, or we can seek help from God's limitless supply.


God’s Ultimate Plan vs. My Own

Can we become so focused on our preparations for this earthly life that we forget to prepare for the eternal?