Quiet Lake
Sermon Study Guides

Who Are We Trying to Impress?

Do those who we are trying to impress love us, or even care about us? There is someone who does both!


“Say His Name”

We rightly honor and remember those whose lives were taken away too early. There is another name, though, that addresses the root cause of the world's problems.

Sunday School Lessons

First Things…Second?

Sometimes, we have good things in mind to do, but we are setting about to take them on in the wrong order.


Unwilling Sacrifice vs. Hero

What is the difference between someone who suffers unwillingly, and one who suffers for a good reason?

Sunday School Lessons

How Many Can Hear?

We may have studied what Jesus taught, but let's look at how He taught it, too.


Rescue Mission

Have you ever wanted to be the hero, leading those who were hopeless to freedom, as their prison exploded behind you?

Sunday School Lessons

“It’s What I Use Myself”

Jesus never asks us to do what He wasn't willing to do Himself, and His followers can testify that there's no other leader like Him.


A Bitter Pill to Swallow

Just like taking bad-tasting medicine, there is another life-changing cure that we should embrace all at once, too.


How in the World Can I Pray to a Perfect, Holy God?

Who could possibly bridge the gap between a God who is transcendent and holy, and we sinful people here on earth?


All People for Jesus

Until everyone has gotten a fair chance to understand and decide whether or not they will accept Jesus, the work of the church is not yet done.

Gazebo Reflection in Puddle

Reflecting Jesus

While we don't dare let the image quality suffer, sometimes a reflection of a reflection is still pretty good.

Sunday School Lessons

Not Needing to be Elected

Aren't you glad that Jesus didn't have to campaign in order to receive His authority and power?


Not Worried About This Town

What would our perspective of our current situation be like if we looked at it like a stopover, rather than our destination?


The Answer Is Right Here

While we struggle with difficult questions, what if the really important answer was readily available?


The Real Thing

Sometimes, we don't recognize that we're settling for less, until we try out the genuine article.