Sunday School Lessons

Investing In Something Superior

Would it be worth a little extra investment to be part of something better that will last longer?

Sunday School Lessons

Temporary or Permanent Sponsor?

In life, are you focused on the latest trends that will fade away, or something that will last forever?

Sunday School Lessons

Not Bad, Just Not the Best

It's one thing to be pretty good, but "pretty good" usually takes second string when the best shows up.

Sunday School Lessons

How Great is This Hope?

It's can be fun to receive what we have hoped for, but there's something even better waiting for you if you accept it.

Sunday School Lessons

Solid Promises

Do we sometimes treat God's promises as having been fulfilled in smaller ways than He has planned?

Sunday School Lessons

Unanswered Prayers…or Not?

Would God the Father ever not answer one of Jesus' (God the Son's) prayers?

Sunday School Lessons

Chosen for the Role

Sometimes, there are greater reasons (and not just our personal preferences) for someone to be in a specific role.

Sunday School Lessons

“Oh, No He Didn’t!”

What would you do if someone said that they knew of a person who was superior to your hero?

Sunday School Lessons

Pretty Impressive, but Not the Most Important

The author of Hebrews makes some pretty impressive statements about angels, but then guides us to Someone who is even more important.

Sunday School Lessons

Sorting out the Truth

We live in a world of conflicting ideas that can't all be true at once. How do we find the truth in all that, and does it matter whether or not we do so?

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Who Are We Trying to Impress?

Do those who we are trying to impress love us, or even care about us? There is someone who does both!


“Say His Name”

We rightly honor and remember those whose lives were taken away too early. There is another name, though, that addresses the root cause of the world's problems.

Sunday School Lessons

First Things…Second?

Sometimes, we have good things in mind to do, but we are setting about to take them on in the wrong order.