Sunday School Lessons

An Object of Remembrance

While we can't bring God to ourselves, how big of a deal is it to us that He made His presence available to us?


Rescue Mission

Have you ever wanted to be the hero, leading those who were hopeless to freedom, as their prison exploded behind you?


Small Sacrifices

If we can recognize little things we do as mini-sacrifices, maybe we can grow into a lifestyle that naturally achieves much bigger things for God.


Repentance vs. Redemption, Part 2

If stopping our evil choices and repenting isn't enough to redeem us, what is?


The Right Thing When We Do the Wrong Thing

Only God could find a solution to the no-win situation that we were faced with when we chose to break the rules.


What Does Washing Feet Look Like Today?

If washing others' feet isn't part of our daily routine (unlike first-century disciples), through what sort of humble service might we be called to follow Jesus' example instead?