Dinner Table

What Would You Order at a Steakhouse?

If we're going someplace special, why not order what they are known for?

Sunday School Lessons

God Can Take Care of Himself

While God works through His people, He really doesn't need us to avenge Him.


Why Follow Anyone Else? (Part 1)

For those who are comfortable and secure in their faith, have we considered why others make different choices?


The Real Thing

Sometimes, we don't recognize that we're settling for less, until we try out the genuine article.


Small Sacrifices

If we can recognize little things we do as mini-sacrifices, maybe we can grow into a lifestyle that naturally achieves much bigger things for God.


Coca-Cola for Dinner?

While there is a time for sorrow and repentance when we are convicted by knowledge of our sins, there are also times for celebration and rejoicing in the faithfulness of a great God.


I Don’t Celebrate That

Paul, in his letter to the early church in Rome, had some specific things to say about diversity of how to serve God.


The Hunch

Our posture (and its effects on us) tells us what we spend time at. How can we invest in activities that produce good results, even if we have a few aches and pains as a result?


Worshipping What We Make

We would never worship something that we made ourselves, treating it like something greater than we are...would we?

Sunset Through Clouds

Learn That Heaven Rules

Regardless of our own opinions of our impact on the world, God is in control of the universe. Even if He lets us go our own way for a while, we would do well to acknowledge His authority before He has to remind us.


Face Plant

For most of us, falling on our face is just embarrassing. Would we be willing to do something like that intentionally, in order to show respect to the holy God?

Grand Canyon

Greater Than

The simple math of inequalities can help us remember to praise God for His greatness...especially as compared to our lack of greatness.

Minor League Baseball Game

Two Tips on How to Worship God

Being in a church's "worship service" can be a little overwhelming and awkward if we get distracted by those around us. If we focus on God - the object of our worship - maybe we can more easily praise Him.