Sermon Study Guides


What might it look like if we looked forward to hearing from God as much as we look forward to hearing back from friends?


Tastes Like Purple

After growing weary of a diet of chemicals and being bombarded with superlatives, where can we find the satisfaction of true abundance?

Textured Tree Surface

Cracked Screen 

Sometimes, we need to look at others' lives from a different angle (and let them do the same in return) to find - and fix - the hidden fractures.


Putting On a Good Face

Where is it written that Christians should artificially look or act a certain way to make it look like being a Christian is always great?


Inhale Deeply

While we may sometimes have a filter in the way, there is nothing like inhaling pure air...or unfiltered truth.

Yellow Flower and Rocks

John 1 and 1 John 1

While the Biblical author John couldn't write everything down, he testified to what he had personally seen and experienced.


Just Like Me

What would happen if we all saw other people as created in God's image, instead of letting other things get in the way?


Side Quests

Opportunities that look attractive will regularly pop up. We must choose the best ones to focus on, though, so that we don't get pulled away from what is most important.

Constellation Sphere at NASA Kennedy Space Center

Where Is the Church?

What if every follower of Jesus had such a positive and lasting impact on his or her community that no one would have to think twice when asked "Where is the church?"

Rock Face


Although we may face challenges from without, it is only through God's power that we can hold up.


Say What You Mean, but Don’t Say It Mean

Just because we know something to be true, doesn't mean that we should necessarily blurt it out, especially without first mixing in a bit of grace.

Rockets on Display at NASA Kennedy Space Center

What Are We Trying to Win?

Life is not a game, but we need to make choices with an eye to succeeding in the "end-game", and towards getting to the outcome that we want.