Sunday School Lessons

Fruitful Faith

Are we asking for God's help, but not really acting like we believe He will intervene on our behalf, or that He might have a better plan?


Waiting Takes Work

If you have a tough time waiting for things, you're not alone...but there are ways to help us with certain kinds of waiting.


When It’s Time to Wait

On our own, it's difficult to know when to act and when to wait, but there is One who knows what is best for us.


Watching Grace Grow

Let's be honest: Waiting isn't very fun. However, a lot can happen over time, if we are patient (and, even if we aren't).

Sermon Study Guides


What might it look like if we looked forward to hearing from God as much as we look forward to hearing back from friends?


Knowing What Not to Do

Sometimes, the wisest thing to do is to let the wrong opportunity pass by, and wait on God's timing.