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Don’t Panic! - The power of God can be intimidating, but it is not something to be scared of for those who are reconciled to Him
Are You a “Fixer”? - Sometimes, we need to listen before we start to fix things
I’m Here. Now What? - When we seek God, do we know what to do when we find Him?
Humble Confession - As any good 12-step program teaches, the first step is to admit that we have a problem, and that we are powerless to help ourselves
Where to Pray - As it turns out, there are many good places to pray, and perhaps no bad places to pray. However, what we pray matters, too.
Why Do We Stop Praying? - If God doesn't answer our requests before we give up continuing to pray for them, whose fault is that?
Standing Up For Ourselves? - While God answers our prayers, are our requests sometimes about the wrong things?
Picking Up Where We Left Off - When you meet Jesus in Heaven, will that be the first time you've had a good conversation with Him?
Need to Get Away? - The hustle and bustle around us isn't going to calm itself. If we want some quiet time to spend with God, that might take some work.
Unanswered Prayers…or Not? - Would God the Father ever not answer one of Jesus' (God the Son's) prayers?
Can I Call Down Fire From Heaven, Too? - How did Elijah go about delivering a message through a dramatic demonstration of the power of God?
Self-Fulfilling Doubt - Are you waiting for an invitation to ask God for big things?
One Free Request - If you could ask for anything, what would it be? Let's take a look at someone who received his request for some good suggestions.
Quiet Lake Stopping vs. Pausing - If we can't stop our busy lifestyle, could we at least pause for a few minutes to do something better?
Quiet Lake Why It’s OK to Take a Break for God - We may want to have quiet time with God, but what gives us the right to actually slow down long enough to do so?
Why Me? - Do you ever ask God, "Why me?" David did, but he wasn't complaining.
When to Not Fast - While many people of faith might not fast often enough for their spiritual health, are there times when it isn't necessary?
Bird on Ground Sharing and Listening - Have you ever been in a one-sided conversation?
Just Regular Conversation - Is there more to healthy conversation than just courtesy and small talk?
How Do I Get That Peace? - We may have heard about the "peace that passes understanding", but how do we actually find it?
A Prayer for All People - What better prayer could we offer for others than that they learn more about God and His will?
Lines of Communication - Communication has come a long way, but sometimes the most effective sharing uses methods that are tried and true.
How in the World Can I Pray to a Perfect, Holy God? - Who could possibly bridge the gap between a God who is transcendent and holy, and we sinful people here on earth?
How Do We Pray for Them? - We may already know that we should pray for those in authority. How - and what - do we actually pray for them, though?
Like Fighting One Problem at a Time - What can you do when you wake up and your problems outnumber your abilities?
Infinite Prayers - We may be challenged to "pray big", once we start to comprehend God's power, but is there something even more than that?
Not Worried About This Town - What would our perspective of our current situation be like if we looked at it like a stopover, rather than our destination?
You Called Me! - Are we surprised when God answers our prayers? If so, we're not the first to be in that situation.
Blessings in the Blindness - When something we're used to is taken away, even for a short time, where might we find blessings in that?
Why Pray for Peace? - Yes, we want the peace that God gives us, but what other reasons should also cause us to pray for that?
No New Normal - What if the great moments of life happen in times of change, which God has prepared for through His people's faithfulness during the times of "normalcy"?
One-Line Prayer List - Sometimes, the Bible already contains the prayers that we need to pray for others.
Houseplant and Window Screen Read the Bible, Be the Church, and Pray, Part 2 - So, what can we do when we need to be the church, but it can't be the same as before?
Houseplant and Window Screen Read the Bible, Be the Church, and Pray, Part 1 - What do we do when a source of strength is no longer available?
Those We’ve Never Met - Can God bless those we've never met, when we would rather pray for them than for the people we do know?
Don’t Always Go With Your Gut - Could a couple of well-invested seconds make all the difference in our next big opportunity?
Difficult Doesn’t Mean Pliable - Just because I can't hear or understand something, doesn't mean that I get to claim that I heard whatever benefits me the most.
Stuck Indoors - Do we sometimes feel like we should be doing more, but are stuck in a situation where we can't support the Kingdom of God as much as we want?
Eagerly Awaiting - If we can't wait to get home from a trip to see our family, how much greater will the anticipation be of going home to see our Lord and Savior?
Blessings - Can a simple greeting be both a prayer and a testimony?
No Revenge At All?, Part 1 - Would others notice if we treated our enemies like our friends?
Creepy Eyeball Balloon - Have you ever felt that you were being watched? What if that were a good thing?
Join the Battle - Not all of the people who help win a war are on the front lines.
I Don’t Know What to Say! - In a world where we feel like we are expected to know everything, what do we do when we don't even know the right question?
Revival - What would happen if followers of Jesus around the world all asked God for a massive intervention?
Direct Line - Even in a world with lots of communication options, sometimes we need to talk to a real person in real time.
Maple Trees and Sky Organic Growth - In a world of microwaves and drive-through windows, plants still grow at their own pace.
Yielding to God’s Will - When we ask for God's will, are we always seeking His wisdom, or are we sometimes looking for a loophole?
Hedgehogs - When is a follower of Jesus like a hedgehog?
Thinking Too Small - Our lives can be a lot bigger and more full of power than we know...if we only know where to look.
Dealing With Regret - A guest post from my youngest.
The Hunch - Our posture (and its effects on us) tells us what we spend time at. How can we invest in activities that produce good results, even if we have a few aches and pains as a result?
The Kool-Aid Man - We might not always deliver kid's drinks, but we still have opportunities to aid others.
Anticipation - What might it look like if we looked forward to hearing from God as much as we look forward to hearing back from friends?
Reflection in Sunglasses Keep an Eye Out - When we make a request from someone we trust, do we expect results, or just move on?
Worshipping What We Make - We would never worship something that we made ourselves, treating it like something greater than we are...would we?
Maple Trees and Sky Day-Planner - Let's be sure to include God in our plans for each day. Otherwise, who knows where our own plans will go awry?
Murky Water Questioning God - While we don't always get all of the answers right away, there is good precedent to ask God the hard questions that are on our heart.
The Goldilocks Zone - We know how to ask for God to give us more. Have we considered asking Him to not give us too much?
Roadside Fruit Stand Competition - If you find that other thoughts compete with your time with God, how can they be captured for later, so that you can focus on Him?
Window with Curtains How to Pray - So, how do we pray? What do we need to do in order to talk with God?
Miscellaneous Smaller Plants What Can We Ask For In Prayer? - We are invited to make requests of God. If one of those requests is for His wisdom, I believe that we can better align what we ask for with His will.
Battery-Operated Candle Don’t Give Up - If other people can't help but listen to us if we are persistent enough, how much more will a God who loves us hear our requests?
Old Tricycle Learning to Pray - Praying may seem challenging at first, but given time and practice - and maybe a little help - we can make it as natural as other skills that we don't even think about anymore.
Sun Shining Through Tree Branches When to Pray - Although we can pray to God at any time, sometimes it is helpful to have a few specific situations to start with.
Wood Grain Close-Up from Plaground Filling in the Gaps - Sometimes, we find ourselves at a loss for words, or feeling unworthy to talk with a Holy God. He knew that this would happen, and personally intervenes to help us out in those times.
Begonias in Multiple Colors Praying with Others - Talking with God is often a private matter. However, sometimes it is appropriate to pray with others, also.
Assortment of Baby Utensils “Get Your Own Tape”, Part 2 - Just as with our physical bodies, our intake of spiritual food should increase over time to help us grow in a healthy manner.
Stream Sweet Hour of Prayer - Although the old hymn, "Sweet Hour of Prayer", probably wasn't talking about a literal hour, we can still give God some of our undivided attention in prayer.
Trees and Sky Why Can We Pray to God? - Talking to the Creator of the universe is a pretty big deal, and it is only possible because He reached out to allow it to happen.
Remelted Crayons from Muffin Tin Fancy Prayer Words – And Why You Don’t Need Them - Sometimes, those who pray out loud at church use some pretty fancy words to talk with God. While that's ok (but not necessary), here are a few quick definitions to help you follow along.
Devotions - What does it mean to "have devotions" as part of the Christian walk?