Putting Down Roots

In a world overflowing with surface-level relationships, how can we find a well-grounded foundation?


Have a Little Milk With Your Meat

Just because adults can eat solid food, doesn't mean that they can't drink milk, too.

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Fluff vs. Foundation

If we want to accomplish great things with others, we may not be able to get there by remaining at a surface level in our relationships.


Looking Good

Is living a life of righteousness enough, or should we consider how other people perceive our actions, as well?


Discovery vs. Invention

Faith doesn't have to avoid the truth. In fact, it really should be based on truth, if it's worth following.


Non-Random Encounters

Do you ever feel like you're just stuck in a series of "random encounters" in life? What if there was a quest that could eliminate them, entirely?


Accepting What is Immovable on Its Own Terms

We don't get to decide how to encounter God. Only He can make that decision.