Sunday School Lessons

A Good Question to Ask

While not every question has to be answered, some of them are important for us to find correct answers to

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Do We Want to Understand and Share?

It's possible to be taught without learning, and to learn without teaching, but should we do either of those things?


Quotes from the Pharisees: Trick Questions

What should we do when asked a question that seems impossible to answer?


How to Prosper

As it turns out, the most reliable book on success is available without cost, and the author doesn't receive royalties.


Why Use a Mirror?

You've probably used a mirror in the past day. Have you ever stopped to think about why we do so?


Difficult Doesn’t Mean Pliable

Just because I can't hear or understand something, doesn't mean that I get to claim that I heard whatever benefits me the most.


Have a Little Milk With Your Meat

Just because adults can eat solid food, doesn't mean that they can't drink milk, too.

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Don’t Make Things Too Difficult

Sometimes, the message we need to hear is simply a passage from the Bible - with no frills, trimmings, or commentary.


Inhale Deeply

While we may sometimes have a filter in the way, there is nothing like inhaling pure air...or unfiltered truth.

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Reading the Bible Electronically

When we don't have a printed version of the Bible handy, today's technology offers us many alternatives.

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Answers from Habit, Part 1

We are challenged to have an answer for what we hope in, but sometimes that can be a little intimidating.

Hearts in Coffee

[The] Word with Friends

If we eat more when we're out with friends, would we learn more if we studied the Bible with them?

Scanned Newspaper Clipping of 1908 Welshimer Class at First Christian Church of Canton Ohio

What Do You Call…

Sometimes, in countries with religious freedom, I think that we make things harder than they need to be. What do those who are persecuted for their faith - and the example of the early church - have to teach us?