Sunday School Lessons

How to Hide God’s Word In Your Heart

There's more to learning God's Word than simple memorization, although that's not a bad start

Sunday School Lessons

Getting the Answer Before the Lesson

Not every lesson comes with a preview of what we should learn from it. When we get that insight, though, let's make good use of it

Sunday School Lessons

Just Checking…

If you keep getting asked the same questions, maybe just giving the correct answer isn't enough.

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Do We Want to Understand and Share?

It's possible to be taught without learning, and to learn without teaching, but should we do either of those things?

Sunday School Lessons

When to Ask “Why?”

Sometimes, it's not enough to take something that the Bible says as just a verse or two. The context may teach us much more, if we keep asking questions.


Don’t Lose This Information

What happens when the most important messages are lost from one generation to the next, because we simply didn't pay attention?


Listen and Learn 

Despite the barrage of unsolicited advice that comes our way, wise and insightful instruction can be life-changing.


Settling for Less

If there was more that could be done to live a full and effective life, would we want to know about it?

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Just as parents sometimes have to provide suggested answers for their children to give in specific situations, God provides us direction and guidance for the right words in a specific situation, also.

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When we think that we know it all, we are deceiving ourselves, and miss out on a chance for God to teach us.