Sunday School Lessons

Tough Questions

Stuck with a challenging question? There is one who knows all of the answers, and who is available for us to ask.


The Answer Is Right Here

While we struggle with difficult questions, what if the really important answer was readily available?


An Ally in the Back of the Room

Do you ever have a nightmare that you're in front of the class, and you don't know the answers?


You’re Only as Old as You Feel 

If age does not automatically produce maturity, what should we do when we realize that we (or others) need to grow up, spiritually?


Sometimes, the Real Question is the One We Don’t Ask, Part 2

Have you ever thrown out a random question just to keep the conversation away from an uncomfortable (but perhaps important) topic?


Awkward Reminders

Even those with great faith in God asked Him questions from time to time. We shouldn't be afraid to do the same.

Murky Water

Questioning God

While we don't always get all of the answers right away, there is good precedent to ask God the hard questions that are on our heart.

Oil Light Reminder on Van Window


Just as parents sometimes have to provide suggested answers for their children to give in specific situations, God provides us direction and guidance for the right words in a specific situation, also.

Evergreen Plant

Answers from Habit, Part 1

We are challenged to have an answer for what we hope in, but sometimes that can be a little intimidating.