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Everyone is “Too” Something

No matter how we life, someone will accuse us of being "too something", so let's live the best life that we can, regardless

Sermon Study Guides

Do We Want to Understand and Share?

It's possible to be taught without learning, and to learn without teaching, but should we do either of those things?

Sunday School Lessons

In Custody and Under Guardianship

If there's a better option than remaining in custody, why would we want to go back after we are reunited with loved ones again?

Sunday School Lessons

Why Did the Authors Need to Write That?

Do you ever wonder why we have certain instructions in the Bible? While it is inspired by God, there were also imminent practical reason for its guidance.

Sunday School Lessons

From One Generation to Another

What can keep a generation from being at least as faithful as its predecessors?


Destination: Maturity (Part 1)

Learning a new skill is a lot more effective when we have something to practice that skill on.


You’re Only as Old as You Feel 

If age does not automatically produce maturity, what should we do when we realize that we (or others) need to grow up, spiritually?


Have a Little Milk With Your Meat

Just because adults can eat solid food, doesn't mean that they can't drink milk, too.


Old Friends

When you say someone is an "old friend", do you mean that they have been your friend for a long time, or that they are advanced in years?


God’s Ultimate Plan vs. My Own

Can we become so focused on our preparations for this earthly life that we forget to prepare for the eternal?

Assortment of Baby Utensils

“Get Your Own Tape”, Part 1

Those of us who have been Christians for a while need to reach a point where we can start to feed ourselves and foster our own Christian growth.