Sunday School Lessons

Impossible to Appreciate Without Experiencing It

If we have experienced things that we can't fully describe to others, what might be waiting for us that we can't imagine?


I Don’t Belong Here

Ever feel like you just don't quite fit in here on earth? Turns out, that's actually OK - you can still be on the right path, even when it looks different from those around you.


Rest Up, but Don’t Stop There

Followers of Jesus don't just rest - we must rest up to get out and do more work for His kingdom.

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Rewards, Part 2

If the Bible says that we will be rewarded for our actions, how should that impact our motivation and our decisions?

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Grand Entrance

What if we could be recognized with a grand entrance into somewhere better than any place on earth?


Eagerly Awaiting

If we can't wait to get home from a trip to see our family, how much greater will the anticipation be of going home to see our Lord and Savior?

Sun Through Clouds

Backed Up to the Cloud

Where can we keep what is valuable, where it won't be subject to the decay and corruption of this fallen world?


The Consuming Kind of Fire

Fire can roast marshmallows or burn up our kitchen. How should we expect the fires of holiness and trials to impact our own lives?


Getting Ready to Go Out

Sometimes, we just need to clean up from one activity, before moving on to the next.


Sometimes, You Have to Squint

In this world, not everything is perfectly clear. However, there is hope for clarity in the future.


Unduplicatable Purple

If we know that there are colors we can't replicate on a computer screen, what amazing things await us from the author of the universe?


God’s Ultimate Plan vs. My Own

Can we become so focused on our preparations for this earthly life that we forget to prepare for the eternal?


The Acquisition of Stuff

I like to acquire "stuff", but how do we focus our efforts on the use of it for lasting good, rather than just the accumulation of it.

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The Gospel in 3 Verses

John 3:16 is a well-known verse of the Bible. It's a great summary of God's love for us. However, taken together with the two following verses, it becomes part of an even bigger message.

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Rotten Endings

Some chapters of our life may feel like a poorly-written book or bad movie, but the wise king Solomon realized that the best approach in life was to follow God.

Cactus and Rocks

Unreasonable Fear

Once we have accepted Jesus' gift of payment for our shortcomings, and chosen to follow Him, we no longer have to live in fear.

Blue Hiking Sign

Last One Out

While we may miss our departed loved ones, those who follow Jesus will actually get a head-start on being with Him.