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“Naps are Wasted on the Young”

Children don't need an excuse to get rest. Let us remember that among our schedules, not only to take care of ourselves, but to spend time with Jesus.

Rocks and Leaves

Preconceptions About Wisdom

It's easy to take bits and pieces of what we have learned, combine it with our own ideas, and start to think that we have it all figured out.

Elephants from Safari Park

God is Not an Elephant

The story of the blind men and the elephant teaches us some lessons, but does it break down if we take it too far?

Calm Stream
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Redeeming the Time

Our time - and the little and big opportunities we get each day are like a ticket - for us to seize or squander.

Coast Guard Boad
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Jesus, the Perfect Man

Jesus certainly qualified as a "manly man" by today's standards. What else did he model for how men should live today?

Walking Trails
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What happens in the margin?

I would like to give you a challenge today - to look for what actually happens in the marginal spaces of your life.

Clouds Over Mountains
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I’m Tired

An honest day's work takes a lot out of a guy, but Jesus didn't use that excuse when He was needed.