Sunday School Lessons

Trying to Keep in Step

It may take work to keep up, but it's worth it.

Sunday School Lessons

Supporter or Family Member?

If we got to be part of a loving, successful family, why would we want to go back to just working for them?

Sunday School Lessons

One Free Request

If you could ask for anything, what would it be? Let's take a look at someone who received his request for some good suggestions.


Not Worried About This Town

What would our perspective of our current situation be like if we looked at it like a stopover, rather than our destination?

Houseplant and Window Screen

Read the Bible, Be the Church, and Pray, Part 2

So, what can we do when we need to be the church, but it can't be the same as before?


Inspiration vs. Perspiration

Wouldn't it be nice if we could just do good things when we feel like it? Or, maybe that wouldn't be so great...


Worker Productivity

If "work expands to the time allotted", how can we be most productive for what really matters?


Hostile Work Environment

We can escape from (or change) some hostile work environments. How do we handle the battle within ourselves, though?


To the Future! (Part 1)

Both failures and great accomplishments in our past can keep us from moving forward and doing important things in the future.


The Right Tool for the Job

Even if we have limited success with using the wrong tool for the job, we also might break things and get frustrated. There is a better way.

Road in Desert

The [Actual] Wealth of Nations

Regardless of the economic theories that we subscribe to, real wealth only comes from one place.


The Consuming Kind of Fire

Fire can roast marshmallows or burn up our kitchen. How should we expect the fires of holiness and trials to impact our own lives?

Clouds Over Mountains
Sermon Study Guides

I’m Tired

An honest day's work takes a lot out of a guy, but Jesus didn't use that excuse when He was needed.