Sunday School Lessons

Stashing Our Blessings

Might we have some blessings from God that could be put to even better use?


Everything We Produce

How can we honor God with what we do when we are struggling to make ends meet and to find enough time in the day?


Your Money’s No Good Here

When we are offered something that we can't pay for, what should our response be?


Offer [Not] Only Valid for New Customers, Part 1

Wouldn't it be great if we could all get the same deal, regardless of whether we were new or long-time customers?


Dusty Toys

If we can't even figure out what gifts someone else will like, are there better ways to take on the uncertainties of life itself?


Too Many Cookies! (Part 2)

Does being sick or hurt, and doing what it takes to get better, make you a morally superior person to someone who is still sick?


Too Many Cookies! (Part 1)

If you know the cure for a common ailment, do you keep it to yourself, or go out and help others get better?

Colorful Rocks


In the book of Philippians, a delivery person is a hero. Who knows - we may be called to carry good things to others in Jesus' name, as well.