Too Many Cookies! (Part 2)

Does being sick or hurt, and doing what it takes to get better, make you a morally superior person to someone who is still sick?

Candy Rocks in Melting Ice Cream

Hypocrisy vs. Humility

The very essence of the Christian belief starts with admitting that we fall short of God's ideal, and need help. How well is this message communicated to others, though?

Red Fireworks Pattern

You’re a What?

How can we explain to others what we believe, when the very name for our belief can stir up so much emotion?

Scanned Newspaper Clipping of 1908 Welshimer Class at First Christian Church of Canton Ohio

What Do You Call…

Sometimes, in countries with religious freedom, I think that we make things harder than they need to be. What do those who are persecuted for their faith - and the example of the early church - have to teach us?