A Little Closer Every Day

It can be difficult to give God first place in our entire lives, but maybe the first step is to bring Him into new parts of your life, one at a time.

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Friction or Friendly Reminder? 

When we encounter obstacles or resistance, we must discern between God's direction to keep us on the right path, and the resistance of evil trying to keep us from that path.

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Rotten Endings

Some chapters of our life may feel like a poorly-written book or bad movie, but the wise king Solomon realized that the best approach in life was to follow God.

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Don’t Skip the Tutorial

Unlike the less-forgiving games of the past, a veteran gamer can often breeze through the tutorial on a modern game. Real life, though, is not so forgiving of just skimming over the instructions.

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The Noise in the Silence

Even when our environment is relatively quiet, there can still be a lot going on in our hearts and minds. How can we fill the space inside with good things, and drive out the chaos?

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The Sin Bank

Although we may be tempted to keep score in relationships, making sure that we provide others with similar value to what they give us, the Bible has a different mission for us.

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Repentance vs. Ritual

Even if we look like we are sorry for what we have done, it doesn't really change anything if we don't work to also change our heart and our actions.

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Unreasonable Fear

Once we have accepted Jesus' gift of payment for our shortcomings, and chosen to follow Him, we no longer have to live in fear.

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If you find that other thoughts compete with your time with God, how can they be captured for later, so that you can focus on Him?

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Last One Out

While we may miss our departed loved ones, those who follow Jesus will actually get a head-start on being with Him.

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Dipping Into the Till

Earning enough to take care of our needs and our family is honorable. If we want more than that, though, what are our motives?

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“I Do Not Know the Way”

Once we decide where we need to go, if it's in line with God's direction, we can usually find help to get there.