Sunday School Lessons

From “Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda” to “Living the Dream”

Good news isn't just meant to be heard. It should be acted upon and shared with others.


Where’s the Payoff, Here?

What value is there in spreading around important news if no one takes action as a result?

Sunday School Lessons

Are We Ready to be Rescued?

Are you ready to be rescued from a bad situation, even if it means you might have to do something about it?


Rest Up, but Don’t Stop There

Followers of Jesus don't just rest - we must rest up to get out and do more work for His kingdom.


Not Knowing the Results

What can cheating in an educational video game teach us about faith?


Next Steps

Finding out that Jesus offers us reconciliation with God is amazing, but He has much more in store for us that makes following Him even better.


You Could Have Led With That

How did the best speaker in history start His illustrations about an important topic?


Part the Waters

Is it possible that the reason we aren't seeing progress in our faith because our feet are too dry?


Downright Blurry, Part 2

Farsightedness can sometimes be fixed with reading glasses or holding things far away to read them. The spiritual equivalent can't be solved quite the same way.


Practice Makes Perfect

Knowing without doing is apathy. Doing without knowing is ignorance. What does the right combination look like, though?


The Herd Effect

It's easy to pile on to a cause online. Are there some steps we should take before doing so, though?


Righteous Anger

There are things worth getting angry about, and others that aren't worth the effort. Let us not burn off all of our energy on the latter, so that we can do some good with the former.


Let It Go

When our faith is unlimited, and grounded in truth, we can move beyond the comfortable habits that hold us back.

Clouds Over Mountains

“I Do Not Know the Way”

Once we decide where we need to go, if it's in line with God's direction, we can usually find help to get there.

Begonias in Multiple Colors
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Praying with Others

Talking with God is often a private matter. However, sometimes it is appropriate to pray with others, also.

Square Boulders
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Take the Step

Not every opportunity demands our action, but many of them give us chances to make a difference.