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In the End Times…

Contrary to popular opinion, giving up more things doesn't always make one holier

Sunday School Lessons

Thoughts from Galatians 5-6

If what is in our heart reflects in our behavior, shouldn't we expect the same thing to be true for others?

Sunday School Lessons

Sometimes, You Need to Be the Exception

Just because those before or after you are a mess, doesn't mean that you have to be the same way.


Not on a Friday

If we can get along with some people one day a week, what would it take to have peace the rest of the week?


Blessings in the Blindness

When something we're used to is taken away, even for a short time, where might we find blessings in that?


Not Knowing the Results

What can cheating in an educational video game teach us about faith?


Ready to be Blessed

God gives us direction and guidance, but are we prepared for the blessings when they are ready?


Watch Out for the Sign!

When we see the signs and ignore them, we can't blame others for the results of our choices.


Difficult Doesn’t Mean Pliable

Just because I can't hear or understand something, doesn't mean that I get to claim that I heard whatever benefits me the most.


How Much to Give?

How do we give to meet needs, while still having enough left for our responsibilities?


Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

Wouldn't it be foolish to forge ahead with just a guess, when the right answer is readily available, if we would only ask?


Right Away!

Sometimes, rather than "Better late than never", a missed opportunity is squandered if we don't act promptly.


Getting Someone’s Name Right

While it may seem obvious, sometimes the best way to learn about someone is to ask them, directly.

Maple Trees and Sky


Let's be sure to include God in our plans for each day. Otherwise, who knows where our own plans will go awry?

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Trust Fall

When I think about listening to God, one of the things I sometimes fear is that He might call me to do something.