Candy Rocks in Melting Ice Cream
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In the End Times…

Contrary to popular opinion, giving up more things doesn't always make one holier


Maybe There is a Somebody

Maybe a parody of Charles Osgood's famous poem can offer us a lesson for a life of purpose

Sunday School Lessons

Sorting out the Truth

We live in a world of conflicting ideas that can't all be true at once. How do we find the truth in all that, and does it matter whether or not we do so?

Sunday School Lessons

Getting Rid of Moles

If you're going to let someone teach you, make sure that they aren't just an infiltrator trying to make you believe a lie


“I’m King of the World”, Part 1

Just saying something is true doesn't make it so. How do we tell the difference?


Understanding Without Endorsing, Part 1

Does being spiritual or religious protect us from incorrect beliefs?


Hey, Jude (or, Don’t Be Like That)

What should we do when we encounter people who are self-seeking and arrogant, especially when they are teaching lies?