“Say His Name”

We rightly honor and remember those whose lives were taken away too early. There is another name, though, that addresses the root cause of the world's problems.


Sometimes, More Fixes Won’t Help, Part 2

What do we do when there's nothing that we can do to repair something important?


Fears and Worries

Does fear or worry eat up your energy? The Bible offers some encouraging words for those who need peace.

Test Tube Plants

The Ultimate Emulsifier

How can two persons on fundamentally different sides of the scale of good and evil find peace?


Others’ Keeper

Just because we didn't actually do something wrong, doesn't always mean we aren't at fault that it happened.

Trees in Winter

Hospice, Emergency Room, or Hospital?

Are we investing in an abundant life in the way that God intended, or are we just entertaining and distracting ourselves until the inevitable occurs?