Stuck Indoors

Do we sometimes feel like we should be doing more, but are stuck in a situation where we can't support the Kingdom of God as much as we want?


Back in the Game

We may know how to get well after an injury, but what do we do once we get better?


To the Future! (Part 1)

Both failures and great accomplishments in our past can keep us from moving forward and doing important things in the future.


Down in Front!

It's fun to be in the front row, but sometimes we need to see who is behind us - someone that might need a little help.

Textured Tree Surface

Cracked Screen 

Sometimes, we need to look at others' lives from a different angle (and let them do the same in return) to find - and fix - the hidden fractures.

Trees in Winter

Hospice, Emergency Room, or Hospital?

Are we investing in an abundant life in the way that God intended, or are we just entertaining and distracting ourselves until the inevitable occurs?