Quotes from the Pharisees: Name-Calling

What should we expect to hear when we reach out to those who society doesn't like? What should we do about it?



Sometimes, our family name needs to be front and center, with our own identity set off to the side.


Ummm…Also Stephanas

Maybe some of the things in the church that we think are a big deal, aren't actually as important as we thought.


All the Trimmings, but No Words

I'll eat cake (with lots frosting) most any day of the week, but it's nice to know why the cake was purchased in the first place.


Commander Who?

Voice-acted video games might not know details about who is playing, but we don't have that excuse: each of us knows who we are following.

Remelted Crayons from Muffin Tin
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Fancy Prayer Words – And Why You Don’t Need Them

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