Sunday School Lessons

What is Your “Death Valley”?

It may not look the same for all of us, but we each seem to walk through "the valley of the shadow of death" sometimes

Sunday School Lessons

Too Much Light?

While we may worry about light pollution in the physical world, the spiritual condition of many people is extremely dark, and they need some light (along with some love).


Out of the Dark

Have you ever found that something that looked good in the dark didn't hold up in the light? (Maybe your socks not matching?)

Feather on Fabric

Through the Veil

Have you ever felt like you were stuck behind layers of curtains, trying to find your way out?

Yellow Flower and Rocks

John 1 and 1 John 1

While the Biblical author John couldn't write everything down, he testified to what he had personally seen and experienced.

Stuffed Bird in Submarine with Ocean-Filtered Light


Just as we can't see certain details under filtered light, our understanding of the world around us is a function of the light that we use to illuminate it.