Sunday School Lessons

The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth

Sometimes, an abridged version of an important message just won't get the job done.


Quotes from the Pharisees: Tricky Traditions

How can we discern good traditions from unhealthy traditions? Jesus Christ gave us some clear guidance on that.


Enjoy the Good Stuff

Do you feel like you have been filling up on things that don't really satisfy or strengthen you?


Who Says You Can’t?

Who are we to tell God that we can't do something, once He has called us to take a step of faith?


Coca-Cola for Dinner?

While there is a time for sorrow and repentance when we are convicted by knowledge of our sins, there are also times for celebration and rejoicing in the faithfulness of a great God.


So, What Time Is It?

Ever get distracted by something, and not accomplish what you set out to do in the first place?


Hollow Arguments, Part 2

Just because something sounds nice, doesn't mean it is from the source of good.


Just a Reminder

Sometimes, being told the same thing more than once isn't an insult to our intelligence; it's a valuable reminder, instead.


Sticking with the Classics

Change brings good things and bad, but there are cases where the original is still the best, and no "re-interpretation" will suffice.


Watching Grace Grow

Let's be honest: Waiting isn't very fun. However, a lot can happen over time, if we are patient (and, even if we aren't).


Practice Makes Perfect

Knowing without doing is apathy. Doing without knowing is ignorance. What does the right combination look like, though?


Diplomatic Appointment

Wouldn't it be great to be given the role of ambassador by someone with enough authority to do so?

Abstract Light Pattern

Don’t Make Things Too Difficult

Sometimes, the message we need to hear is simply a passage from the Bible - with no frills, trimmings, or commentary.


Inhale Deeply

While we may sometimes have a filter in the way, there is nothing like inhaling pure air...or unfiltered truth.

Oil Light Reminder on Van Window


Just as parents sometimes have to provide suggested answers for their children to give in specific situations, God provides us direction and guidance for the right words in a specific situation, also.