Sunday School Lessons

Warm Your Coffee Up, Hon?

With God, we never, ever need to worry about Him running out of blessings

Sunday School Lessons

The Opposite of Bad Company

Instead of associating with good company, a psalmist suggests a different alternative to bad company

Sunday School Lessons

Righteousness and Glory

God has both a purpose and blessings prepared for those who He knows will follow Him. Won't you step into His plan for you?

Sunday School Lessons

It’s Going to Take Guts

Knowing and doing are two separate things, but what else do we need in order to be people of action, rather than just inert knowledge?

Sunday School Lessons

When Should We Expect God to Be With Us?

If it seems like God isn't present in our activities, should we blame God or consider whether or not we're on the right track?

Sunday School Lessons

Stashing Our Blessings

Might we have some blessings from God that could be put to even better use?

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Modifying vs. Replacing

Have we been trying to keep something running for so long that we forget to consider that maybe we just need a new one?