Sunday School Lessons

What Do You Fear When You Hurt Someone?

No matter how good our actions may look on the outside, they mean less when our heart isn't right to start with

Sunday School Lessons

What Happens When You Ignore the Truth?

Have we considered the starting point of evil behavior? Romans 1 gives us some clues as to where it starts...and how it might be fixed.

Sunday School Lessons

Thoughts from Galatians 5-6

If what is in our heart reflects in our behavior, shouldn't we expect the same thing to be true for others?

Quiet Lake
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Modifying vs. Replacing

Have we been trying to keep something running for so long that we forget to consider that maybe we just need a new one?


Heart or Body?, Part 1 of 3

Do you have conflict that seems to be stuck inside yourself (rather than being with others)? We all do!

Sunday School Lessons

Inferior Righteousness

If Jesus Christ calls His followers to a superior righteousness, what does the implied "inferior righteousness" look like?



What would our daily dialogue and shared activities with others look like if we shared what was really on our hearts?