Heart or Body?, Part 3 of 3

Since we each have internal conflicts, what should be our response to those whose struggles are different from our own?


Heart or Body?, Part 2 of 3

How can we make sure that the "arbitrator" in our internal conflicts is making good decisions?


Heart or Body?, Part 1 of 3

Do you have conflict that seems to be stuck inside yourself (rather than being with others)? We all do!

Sunday School Lessons

Inferior Righteousness

If Jesus Christ calls His followers to a superior righteousness, what does the implied "inferior righteousness" look like?


In a Hurry for What?

Can we become so focused on the process of getting to our destination that we miss out on opportunities along the way?


Not on a Friday

If we can get along with some people one day a week, what would it take to have peace the rest of the week?


Where’s the Payoff, Here?

What value is there in spreading around important news if no one takes action as a result?


Driving Down Demand vs. Cutting Off the Supply

Is it possible that trying to stop something we don't like would be easier if we helped prevent it in the first place?