Sunday School Lessons

Even If They Don’t Repent…

God wants fallen people to return to Him and live, but our role is to share the good news, even if not everyone accepts it right away

Sunday School Lessons

Motive, Means, and Opportunity

Rather than making excuses about what we can't do, let's find ways to serve others who we have the means to help

Sunday School Lessons

Just Checking…

If you keep getting asked the same questions, maybe just giving the correct answer isn't enough.

Sunday School Lessons

A Good Day to Ease Suffering

Let's not forget about our suffering friends after the novelty of their condition has worn off for everyone else. They may still need the healing of Jesus or the help of a friend.


Heart or Body?, Part 3 of 3

Since we each have internal conflicts, what should be our response to those whose struggles are different from our own?